Automation when you want it, but control when
you need it.


Be there for customers whenever they need help


Of common questions answered instantly


Customer satisfaction boost


Improve workflows and productivity

With EasiChat, you can effortlessly automate these repetitive tasks, allowing your team to redirect their focus. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to productivity with EasiChat.


Support customers around the clock

EasiChat, is ready and waiting to assist customers whenever you are unable to take a call or accept a chat. With EasiChat, you can ensure consistent support and guarantee that every customer receives the assistance they require. 

AI chatbots for human teams

A leading live chat messaging system that combines the speed and efficiency of AI chatbots with a human touch, delivering exceptional customer service.

Automation when you want it, but control when you need it.


Resolve problems smarter & faster

EasiChat provides instant support but also gathers valuable customer insights, empowering your team to efficiently reduce resolution time. With EasiChat, enhance your customer service experience and optimize your team’s performance.


Generate and qualify leads quicker

EasiChat allows you to connect with potential leads in real-time and seamlessly transfer new contacts to your sales team, streamlining your lead management process. 


Grow without adding overheads

Growing your business doesn’t have to result in higher expenses. EasiChat allows you to expand your customer care capabilities without the need for additional staff.


Connect ChatBot with your industry tools

EasiChat’s open integration ensures that businesses can adapt and scale their operations without limitations, making it the ideal solution for those seeking a versatile and future-proof communication platform.

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